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Full Name Audrey Rule Birkhimer
Nick Names Aud, Audie, Sebi, Sailor November
Birth date November 19, 1982
Zodiac Sign Scorpio!
Height 5' 6"
Residence Bay Area, CA
Family Mom (Royetta), Dad (Donald), Brother (Marc), Half-Brother (John), and My late Half-Brother, (Aaron).  God rest Aaron's soul, his pain is lifted. We loved him despite his disabilities.
Heratige Scotish (Robertson Clan), Native American (Cherokee), English, Irish, Dutch, Sweedish, German, Danish, and more.
Graduation Class 2000!  Wooohoo!  2 Gs!
Best Best Friend Marilyn Cooley
Best Friends Jess, Jenn, Jo, Jay, Lambert, Radhika, Kelly, Nellie, Anissa, and all my buds from People to People! Also my on line buds, like Michelle, Mandy, Melinda,  and Julia.  Tu tambien, Gabby! Estas muy simpatica!
Hobbies Friends, Music, Guitar and Piano, Horseback riding, Swimming, Skateboarding, Cross-country Skiing, Literature, Religion, and more.
Likes Alternative and Rock music, Berkeley CA, Skaters and Boarders, Mamo-chan, Ranma, Saffiel, my kitty Joshie, Joshua Jackson, Kurt Cobain, BABE-Os in GENERAL, and more. I totally support Gays and Lesbians, they have the right to be.
Animal Racoon
Color Green
Movie "Ever After: A Cinderella Story"
Actress Drew Barrymore
TV Show The late "The New Adventures of SuperMan"***, Caroline in the City ****, The Simpsons, and of COURSE, Sailor Moon!
Food Anything Mexican, Italian, or American
Clothing Brand Roxy/Quicksilver
Candy Twix, MilkyWay!
Artist Turner
Band Jars of Clay
Fast Food Burger King, Taco Bell
Sailor Scout Sailor Moon
SM Character Tuxedo Mask, Saffeil, Kakeru*
SM Season Sailor Moon R
SM Movie Sailor Moon S
SM Episode When Serena and Darien babysit Jordan, The double Episodes when Alan and Ann become good, The Episode when Usagi and Mamoru discover they're parents of Chibi-Usa!**
*    Kakeru is from the S Movie, the man Luna is in love with! *Sigh* He's beautiful!
**   It was better in Japanese: Raye says "Why when and WHERE did this happen??!?" and Usagi and Mamoru get all red! Heehee! ^_^
***  The New Adventures of Superman was the best, most romantic show, especially when they were married, but after a few seasons passed, they ran out of ideas and it got kind of rediculous!  It's only on cable now.
**** I like Caroline in the City because (I have NO idea why) I'm in love with Caroline's boyfriend (Now fiancee!), and the plot has been so romantic!
Dislikes Rap, Peas, goth, cosas de el diablo, knives, country music, and ghettoness!
Favorite Bands Nirvana, Jars of Clay, Dave Matthews Band, Gin Blossoms, Blessed Union of Souls, Oasis, Pearl Jam, The Cure, and SO SO much more!

About Me!

 Hello, Minna-chan!  This is me, a normal teenage girl living in California.  Totally into Alternative and Rock, with the influence of my best friend, Marilyn ("Mare").  Unfortunately, none of my best friends go to my school.  But, I've gotten really close with some of my friends that do go to my school!  The picture is of me playing the hand bells. ^_^ I do that at my church with the Church bell choir, and we're getting good!!  I've played for two years now, but recently I temporarily quit due to school work.  We perform a Christmas Concert every year, featuring music my mother wrote and other christmas carols.  I have my drivers license, I was driving a 1999 Toyota Corolla LE, but now after the accident (I'll tell you about it in a sec), I drive my dad's old Nissan 1984 Pickup Truck.

   I am almost finished with my junior year at Middle College High School in San Pablo, California.  I take College Classes and High School classes at the same time, and I plan on having my AA degree when I graduate High School, since I've already completed so many of the requirements.  I don't know what College I'm going to yet!

     I've been playing the piano since I was seven, because my mother is a piano teacher.  I practiced off and on, so I'm not as good as I could be.  ^_^  I love the guitar, but I can only play chords.  I wish I could play like Kurt Cobain!

     I totally love my best friends so much, we've all had the best time.  I love to be with Mare and Jess, we have so much fun with our words and babe-os!  Sun Valley Mall is our second home.  And Jenn and Folkers are my second family, we've had the most ghetto times! I don't mean G ghetto, I mean FOB ghetto! HeeHee!  If it wasn't for them, I would have never knew there was such a thing as a rice dispenser! LoL! But unfortunately we aren't talking right now, I'm not sure why they're mad at me!  :(  Hopefully things will clear up.

 I first got into Sailor Moon in Junior High.  My brother would turn it on every once in a while, and eventually I got INTO it!!  After I got into the Fan Fiction World, via "A Sailor Moon Romance,"  I wrote my first fanfiction, "Destiny in the Moonlight."  This fanfiction was never finished, unfortunately!  I messed up with the plot.  But my love for writing didn't start with Sailor Moon Fanfiction!  When I was in the 2nd grade, I would write short stories and illustrations about Unicorns and Horses, and Fairy tales about Princesses and Royal Kingdoms.  I always loved writing!  As I got older my interests went to other things, such as extraterrestrial and other dimensions.  Then, I got into romance.  That is what drew me to Sailor Moon!  ^_^ Now I'm working on many different Fan Fictions, some which are posted at The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive.

    On February 21, 1999, just after Midnight, my best friend and I were in a serious car wreck.  I was driving my brand new 1999 Corrola LE, and we lost control in the rain, spinning off of the high way, flipping down a hill and eventually landing upsidown.  My car was utterly totaled, and I was knocked unconscious.  But thank God, Marilyn and I were okay, we walked away from the accident.  But I have learned a valuable lesson:  IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU, TOO, YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE.  No one thinks they are invincible.  But many take advantage of their freedom, and their blessings.  The emotional damage was far greater than the actual loss of the car.  Guilt, suffering, physical pain... I am still suffering from my negligence.

 But, on a good note, I'll be out of school on May 28!  Whee!  I can't wait untill summer vacation.  I hope to spend tons of time on my fanfics an stories.  Since I read Lianne's story "Rain," I've been even more encouraged to work on the book I started a year ago.  It's about a girl who wants to discover her heritage, and has inspiration through dreams, which lead her to the answers, and love, that she has been looking for.  I have lots of plans for it! ^_^ Look here to see some of my fanfiction.

My little baby, one of the things that is held SO precious to me, my kitty Joshie. I've had him for so many years, I love him so much!  His tail is so soft and furry, like a little bush! ^_^ He used to come and sleep with me at night!  But we moved, and my parents didn't want to bring any pets to the new house. So, my two kitties live at our other house. *Cries!*
This is Mare, Jess, and I (from left to right) during our church's Youth Group skiing trip February 1998.  We had so much fun! Ahh! We'll never forget the snow man contest.. instead of a snowman, we made a snow guitar! ^_^ Babe-o overload, we had the best time. We always go to Berkely together, we have SO many inside jokes! LoL! Meat! Jaba! Nile! Haaa! I love them so much, I can't say it enough!  I was writing a novel about us in the future finding love, but they guys I used in the novel we don't like anymore! So much for that.
This is my family and our two foreign exchange students from China, Zhao Xue and Wang Shibing.  I love them so much, I wish we'd get to see each other again!  We learned so much from each other.  They stayed at my house for five days, and we took them to lots of cool places, Like Paramounts Great America, my dad's work (BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit), and China Town Oakland.  I wish they could come and visit again! ^_^

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