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My Fanfiction!

Completed Work:
"A Love Carol"
 Part One
Part Two
Part Three
"It's Friday, I'm in Love"
"Learn To Trust"
 Part One
  • I plan on revising "A Love Carol," I like the story but a lot of improvements could be made! 
  • "Learn to Trust" is a fanfiction that I began quite a while ago, and I later forgot totally what I was going to do with it.  Sidnei said she would help me out, so we decided to work on making it co-written!  LoL, we still haven't got to either of the co-written stories we wanted to do.
  • "It's Friday, I'm in Love" is a short story I don't plan on revising, even though I'm not totally happy with it.  Truthfully, I don't like what I have published right now, but I hope that soon I'll get some of my in-progress work done so I can feel better!

  • What ever happened to "Destiny in the Moonlight ?"
    "Destiny in the Moonlight" was my very first fanfiction.  I had so many plans for it, and I got a lot of good response. But, being my first fanfiction, the plot was a bit askewed, and I accidently ruined one of the characters by contradicting... ah!  I can't explain it without ruining the plot.  I really do plan on revising it and having it posted again.  But I'm going to focus on the other fanfictions I got started first.

    In-Progress Work and Sneak Previews:

    Time Heals All Wounds
        Usagi and Mamoru take their love to the next intimate level... but unfortunately, despite their destiny, she was too young in the eyes of the law.  When Kenji, Usagi's father finds out, what will happen to Mamoru? Could he be sent to jail?  What about Usagi?  I'm still not sure if I want to make this story Hentai, like I origionally planned.  I've already written the first part, hentai and all, but I'm still making plot decisions.  How do you all feel about me writing a Hentai story?

    The Art of Love
        The Art Lover Princess Serenity is captured by a band of thieves for ransom.  Prince Endymion, at the same time, had left royalty and was a member of the band.  When he falls in love with the Princess, he tries to convince his comrades that their plan isn't going to work.  They do not believe him!  Princess Serenity sees him killed in battle, and later finds she is carrying his child.  Did Prince Endymion survive?  That is only the beginning of the tale.  This is a long, intricate story with a complicated Plot, but I'm proud of what I have so far.  I almost finished the story, but then a lot of my friends sent constructive criticism that caused me to want to re-write it.
        See the old, almost completed version here.
        See a sneak preview of the new one here.

    You Can't Fool Me
        When things in Crystal Tokyo seem to be running perfectly, Neo-Queen Serenity and Endymion suddenly face a new  trial when their surroundings, and themselves, begin to fade.  When a meeting is held, Sailor Pluto devises that there must be something wrong with the timeline to cause Crystal Tokyo to fade.  In the past, Tuxedo Mask is wounded fataly when he is needed the next day to keep the time line correct.  The only way to keep Crystal Tokyo from collapsing is to send King Endymion to take Mamoru's place in the past.  But when Usagi finds out, will she ruin the plan?  This fic is kind of confusing!  But the plot is very thick, I'm still working on it.  (The title may change before it's published)
         See a sneak preview of the Prologue here.

    Saffiel and a Movie
        Saffiel is SO kawaii!  He ranks up there with Mamo-chan, for me!  A girl named Reino Sorako (me!) is friends with Usagi when Usagi's boyfriend Mamoru breaks up with her.  Saffiel arrives at this time too early, and looses his memory of Nemisis.  So, he runs into Usagi and Sorako.  He marvels at their beauty, and asks Usagi out!  To get even with Mamoru, she accepts.  But Sora-chan has a HUGE crush on him!  She and Mamoru spy on Usagi's date... will they ruin it, or make things worse!?!?!?

        Mamoru becomes close with his co-worker Kenjii, and comes to Kenji's house for dinner one evening. Usagi     and Mamoru can't find a way to break it to her parents that they are seeing each other.  One day, Usagi becomes very sick, and her parents must leave for a convention.  They leave her with Mamoru

    Te Llevas Mi Corazon
        A Short story about promises and pain; death and revival.

    You Were Never Alone
    (Co-written with Julia!)
        Mamo-groupies Audrey and Julia interview Mamoru about his proposal to Usagi, and what may come of the future.  Cute and humorous! ^_^
        See a sneak preview here.

    Things Fall Apart
    (Co-Written with Sidnei)
        Serena and Darien are finally married, but are off to a rocky start. Deciding to separate after some major problems, they go off and lead their own lives, until Serena goes to see Darien again with surprising news.


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