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Synopsis for:
"Relativity" By Sexylion 
The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive 

Synopsis by Mac's Brain 
This is a very long, very well-written story that takes place in the future crystal tokyo. King Endymion becomes trapped by a young girl who is convinced she loves him and none of the senshi are able to free him. The story takes you through the thoughts of the king while he is trapped and how the Neo-Queen and the other Senshi deal with it. This story is about True and Unconditional Love, If you are looking for kisses and dates, this is not the story for you. 


Rating: Out of five stars! 
Plot   A very interesting and very complex plot. Extremely well thought out and very deep with emotion.
Romance   The story lacks romance in the classical sense of dates and flowers, but it is ok because that is not the focus of the story. As far as love goes, it is prevalent in every sentence.
Descriptive / Dialogue   There is not a lot of dialogue because the story is mostly the thoughts of the characters. The descriptions sometimes get a little long and distract from the flow of the story. The vocabulary and overall style is excelent.
Overall Rating   Despite the few things that I think could be improved I still feel that this is an excellent work of literature with a compelling story that will keep you on your toes. It's great length only makes you apreciate the ending even more.