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Synopsis for: 
"Interlude" By Sexylion
The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive 

Synopsis by Mac's Brain  
This tasteful hentai story takes place during the course of the first season before Usagi & Mamoru are aware of each other's identities. It is an in-depth look at two very momentous days in their lives where they try to understand the complicated feelings they have for each other.  

This is my favorite fan-fiction of all time for many reasons. The style is simple, but still is elegant and she keeps Usagi and Mamoru true to their characters. It is a fairly long piece, so the writing is not rushed, and every detail is given special attention.  

Rating: Out of five stars! 
I didn't want the story to end. 
From the beginning to the end, it is ever-present 
Descriptive / Dialogue
The dialogue is real for the characters. She uses a wide vocabulary, but far from the point where people need a dictionary. 
Overall Rating
A very well balanced piece. One that I never get tired of.