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Fan Fiction Synopsis for
"A Love to Last All Time"
By Sailor ClearMoon

Synopsis by Sailor Andromida
This is another excellent story about the hardships the ever-famous 'Serena-Darien' relationship goes through. There are tearful moments, anxiety, all your favorite senshi, and even Andrew !  The names are the 'Americanized' version: Lita, Amy, Serena, Darien, Raye, Andrew, Mina, etc. Definitely worth reading ! , This story personifies Darien-Serena fanfictions. It has the romance, the anxiety, the truth, and the tears. This story is by far, one of the very best romance-adventures I've ever read.

Rating out of five stars!
Plot   Cliffhanger endings kept me reading. 
Romance   The emotions that Darien experiences are easy to see and understand. It makes the story more romantic because it's from his POV
Descriptive / Dialogue   The view shifted from 3rd person to 1st  person in the first chapter to all the
others. Otherwise, it was fantastic. 
Overall Rating   The story was great. Nothing more to it.

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