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Synopsis for:
"Ancient History" By Sailor Charon 
The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive 

Synopsis by Sailor November 
    Prince Endymion and Prince Epsilon are like peas and carrots!  Eppie, Prince Epsilon's nick-name, is five years major to his brother Endymion.  Prince Epsilon is the crown prince of the Earth Kingdom, and is betrothed to the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Serenity.  But as Eppie grows older, he becomes involved in the wrong things.  But as the story skips to the present, the five Scouts and Tuxedo Mask encounter a strange enemy that seems to be familiar to Darien.  Now that a new enemy threatens Earth, what will the scouts do when Darien and Serena aren't there to help?  What does Prince Epsilon have to do with the scout's demise? 
    This was a very well done fanfiction, but I found it hard to stay with the story.  This story is more action that romance, and that doesn't seem to interest me as much!  But besides the fact that this story isn't about Serena and Darien's relationship, I enjoyed the plot.  (There is some romance inter winded with the plot. Heehee!) I couldn't tell if the story is finished with part eight... hopefully Sailor Charon will finish the story! 


Rating: Out of five stars! 
Descriptive / Dialogue  
Overall Rating