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Synopsis for:
"On A Moonswept Moor"
By Lady M. Harris

The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive

Synopsis by Sailor Juno

Set in an alternate universe, Usagi meets Mamoru when she volunteer's at the hospital he's working at. (He's a doctor ^-^) He's not quite like the Mamoru we know and love, he's very cold, confidant and rude. Also, he's the object of every girl's affection within the hospital. Well, Usagi basically becomes his unofficial secretary, helping him with various paperwork, etc. Soon, they fall into a rather odd situation.
It's hard to explain without ruining it, but it's a situation in which they have to be close together for most of the time. Slowly but surely, they fall for each other. There are many obstacles to overcome, such as Mamoru's two mistress', Beryl and Melissa. How does it end? In heartbreak? In happiness? Only one way to find out, of course. ^_-

Personal Opinion:
Every romantic's dream. ^_- I thought it was very well written and I especially loved Mamoru's character. It's quite long- it took me about 4 hours in total to read. Which is both good and bad; good because, hey, more story! Bad because, if you're like me, you cant possibly stay on the computer for 4 hours straight, which means you cant read the whole story at once. Sex is involved, though I would hardly call this a hentai fanfic.  My one complaint, nearing the end of the story, you can tell the author was getting a bit tired. In my opinion, the ending is very weak. What is exactly going on is a little blurry. But for the most part, I'd definitely suggest this story!
Rating: Out of five stars! 
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Overall Rating: