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Fan Fiction Synopsis for
"Guarding Heart"
By Crystal Heart

Synopsis by Sailor Star
This story takes place in the moon kingdom, where five children are found on various doorsteps and raised as Terrans. Serena Kingston dreams as being one of the four who guard Prince Endymion, but she is forced to become a lady in waiting with Mina, Ami, and Lita to serve Princess Rei. However, Serena finds out that she is the Moonlight Maiden, destined by the Goddess Selene to guard the Royal Moon Family. It also turns out that Lita is Princess Jupiter, and Ami is Princess Mercury. Mina is found to be the Moon Princess when Queen Serenity of the Moon is visiting. But Serena and Endymion are getting closer in their relationship, only for Serena and the Princesses to move to the Moon. On Earth, Rei and Zoisite are captured from the Negaverse. The developing romances between the Princesses and the Four Who Guard are put on hold. Finally, Serena goes to Earth to propose that Endymion marries. . . . . . . . . . . . Mina!  This is my fav fic!

Rating out of five stars!
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