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Fan Fiction Synopsis for
"The Name Endymion..."
By Caleyndar

Synopsis by Caleyndar 
    This fan fic is written from Darien's / Endymion's point of  view, and tells of his life and his love for a certain Princess. The beginning of this story is very innocent with a touch of darkness which grows as the plot develops. This story also raises many personal questions concerning one's life and duty. It is an alternate universe fan fic, and more suitable for the older readers., As the author of this fan fic, I can not really judge it. I personally think it is well written besides from 'typos' spotted throughout the fan fic. The plot is interesting, for I have not read any other fan fics quite like it. If I was asked how I could improve on it, I could certainly answer, more descriptions of place, and less errors throughout it.
Rating out of five stars!
Plot   When one writes something, he can not judge it.
Romance   I've only ever gone out with one girl! I tried my best.
Descriptive / Dialogue   I think some of the imagery in this is good.
Overall Rating   no comment

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