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Fan Fiction Synopsis for
"True Feelings"
By Alicia Blade

Synopsis by Sailor Andromida
A short story split in two parts. With shifting points of view back to Usagi and then to Mamoru, it explores how Usagi and Mamoru REALLY feel about each other--before they know about each other's alter egos. Now, this episode of theirs never happened in either the anime or the manga, but that just makes it all the better. Excellent !, I love the way you can switch from both people's POV. That way, you aren't confused by one person's reaction to the other. It's easier to understand. It's just a great short story.

Rating out of five stars!
Plot   Easy to understand, well written.
Romance   Oh SO Romantic. The emotions portray each character's feelings for each other--so romantic!
Descriptive / Dialogue   The way the characters think and talk makes the storyline more realistic, and
very entertaining!
Overall Rating   The story is just the best. Short, but for romance readers, well worth it. 

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