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Tsukino Usagi
 Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi  
 American Name: Serena Moon  
 Birthday: June 30, 1978  
 Astrological Sign: Cancer  
 Blood Type: O  
 Favorite colors: White, pink  
 Hobbies: Shopping, video games  
 Favorite food: Ice cream     
 Least favorite food: Carrots     
 Favorite Gem Stone: Diamond     
 Favorite subject: Home Ec.  
 Least favorite subject: Math  
 Strong points: A true friend, loyal  
 Has Trouble with: Dentists  
 Dream: To be a bride    
 Height: 4'11"    

 Tsukino Family Members:    
 Kenji: Father (magazine editor)  
 Ikuko: Mother (housewife)     
 Shingo: Brother (5thGrade)  

 In the Future, Usagi will   
 transform into Neo-Queen  
 Serenity and become the  
 Queen of the City Crystal  
 Tokyo, head capitol of the  
 world.  Mamoru will rule  
 at her side as King  
 "Sailor Moon Says!"
WAV 56.6 K
 "That Nap in Math..."
WAV 65.0 K
"Moon Healing Activation!"
WAV 107 K
"Moon Prisim Power!"
WAV 49.4 K
"I will Right Wrongs..."
WAV 80.9 K
"You are Just my Love"
Song, MP2  978 K
o  Background / Future  
Tsukino Usagi, otherwise known as Serena, has many diffrent forms, each diffrent and unique.  As her normal self, he is a schoolgirl who is  a bit  clumbsy and is sort of a crybaby.  Serena/Usagi does not have many qualities thatmake for a super heroine, but as time passes, she matures quite a bit.  Being Sailor Moon is more of a growing experience for her. She's earned a nickname which she dislikes (ie. Meatballhead or "Odango Atama/dumpling head"), which comes from her distinctive hair style. But way before the Serena of today, Serena was once the Princess of the Moon during the Silver Mellinium.  Heir to the throne, she was to marry who her mother chose.  But despite the rules, she fell in love with the Prince of Earth, and swore her heart to him.  But before they could marry, the Evil Queen Baryl destroyed the Moon Kingdom and killed the prince and princess.  Queen Serenity, the Princess' mother, used the last of her strength to send the princess and her court to the future, where Serena lives today.  In the future, Serena will be married to Darien and they will rule Crystal Tokyo together. 

Sailor  Moon Special Powers (Sailor Moon)  

Moon Prism Power / Moon Prism Power, Make Up   
Serena/Usagi says this to transform into Sailor Moon.   

Moon Tiara Magic / Moon Tiara Action  
Sailor Moon says this when she converts her tiara into a frisbee like weapon. At first, it was capable of destroying monsters. It is now used to knock down enemies, rather than destroying them.  

Disguise Power / Moon Disguise Power   
Serena/Usagi says this to activate her disguise pen. She uses this to disguise herself as needed, to follow people (or enemies) where her normal self could not go.   

Moon Healing Activation / Moon Healing Escalation  
Sailor Moon says this when using the Cosmic Crescent Wand to convert monsters back into their original form (as normal Earth beings).  


Special Powers (Sailor Moon R)   

Moon Crystal Power / Moon Crystal Power, Make Up   
Serena/Usagi says this to transform into Sailor Moon.  

Moon Sceptre Elimination / Moon Princess Halation   
Sailor Moon says this to use the power of the Moon  
Sceptre to eliminate her enemies.  

 Special Powers (Sailor Moon S)   

Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up   
Usagi says this to transform into Sailor Moon.  
Crisis, Make Up  
Usagi says this to transform into Super Sailor Moon.   

Moon Spiral Heart Attack   
This is Sailor Moon's attack using the Spiral Heart  
Moon Rod.   

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache   
This is Super Sailor Moon's attack using the Spiral  
Heart Moon Rod.  


Special Powers (Sailor Moon SS)   

Moon Gorgeous Meditation   
This is Super Sailor Moon's attack using the Kaleid  
Moon Scope.   

Special Powers (Sailor Moon Stars)   

Moon Eternal, Make Up   
Usagi says this to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.   

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss    
This is Eternal Sailor Moon's attack using the Eternal Tier.  


Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss    
This is Eternal Sailor Moon's attack using the Moon Power Tier.

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