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Chiba Mamoru
Japanese Name: Chiba Mamoru 
Name meaning: Earth protector 
American Name: Darien 
Birthday: August 3, 1975 
Astrological sign: Leo 
Blood type: A 
Favorite colour: black 
Hobby: reading 
Favorite food: chocolate 
Least Favorite food: none 
Favorite subject: Physics 
Worst subject: none 
Has trouble with: needles 
Strong point: ladies first! 
Dream: to be a geneticist/doctor 
Height: 6'2"
"May I have the pleasure
of ... this dance?"
WAV 114 K
"...Where are all these images
coming from?"
WAV 198 K
The Tuxedo Mask music
WAV 56.5 K
Evil Prince Endymion's Laugh
WAV 43.1 K
The Tuxedo Mask Theme Music
MIDI 2.19 K
Song:  "You are Just my Love"
MIDI 51.5 K
Background / future 

One thousand years ago, the man we know today as Mamoru was not Mamoru, but prince Endymion of Earth.  But despite the rules, Prince Endymion fell in love with the beautifull princes of the moon, Princess Serena.  They loved eachother so deeply, they believed nothing would bring eachother apart.  But to their dismay, one day the evil Queen Baryl executed her plan to take over the universe, the first step being to take over the Earth and the Moon.  When Prince Endymion came to warn Princess Serena, Queen Baryl came and killed them both, Serena's mother, Queen Serenity, watching the whole time.  The only way left to save Princess Serena and her court was to use the last of Queen Serenity's strength and send them all to the future... Today.  Today, Mamoru lives in an apartment, alone, and attends the Azabu Institute of Technology.  Mamoru's parents were killed in a car accident when he was very young, so he grew up in a orphanage.  But a person Mamoru can never forget is his first best friend, Fiore.  Fiore was an alien from outerspace that came to earth and befriended Mamoru.  But when Fiore had to leave, Mamoru despretly searched for a gift.  The only thing he could find was a single red rose... and so began his passion for roses.  Mamoru is also Tuxedo Mask, defender of Sailor Moon... but he doesn't know it untill he is for a while. 
One day, Mamoru was walking down the street when a crumpled up paper hit him on the head.  It had come from a pretty girl with a strange hair style.. Mamoru couldn't resist.  Hey, it had been a bad day.  The girl was Usagi, unknowingly to Mamoru, his long lost love, the princess that haunts his dreams.  Mamoru continually runs into Usagi, making fun of her each time.  But after a long time of battle along side of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask discoveres that Usagi is not only Sailor Moon, but the Moon Princess everyone had been searching for.  They discover their long lost love.  Many seasons pass, and their love is tested.  In Sailor Moon R, they discover that in the future, Usagi becomes Neo-Queen Serenity, ruler of Crystal Tokyo, and marries Mamoru, who becomes King Endymion.  They rule together for many many years, and have one daughter named Chibi-Usa, nicknamed Small Lady. 

Tuxedo Kamen Attacks 

Sailor Moon Anime: 

Tuxedo Kamen harms his enemies by throwing steel-tipped roses faster than a speeding bullet, and by spinning his cane very fast.  Tuxedo Kamen is very quick and smart, almost always hitting the target.  He has averted Sailor Moon from danger thousands and thousands of times, always being there when she needed him. 


Sailor Moon Manga: 

Tuxedo a la Smoking Bomber: 
The Tuxedo Kamen Manga Attack 

Diffrent Forms of Mamoru 

Prince Endymion: 

    1000 years ago, during the Silver Mellinium, Prince Endymion of Earth fell in love with the Princess of the Moon, Princess Serenity.  Prince Endymion was a strong warriro with a gentle heart.
Chiba Mamoru: 
    In the present, Mamoru lives on his own, having grown up as an orphan after his parents died in a car wreck.  Tsukino Usagi is the love of his life, also his past love of 1000 years ago in the Silver Mellinium.  Mamoru attends Azabu Institute of Technology, and owns a hot motorcycle and spots car. 
Tuxedo Kamen: 
    Mamoru's alter ego used to protect the Sailor Scouts and the world that he changes into when needed.  Tuxedo Kamen is slick and quick-whitted, always there for Sailor Moon when she needs him.  Tuxedo Mask uses roses, his cane, and his love for Usagi / Sailor Moon as weapons. 
Tsukikage no Knight: 
    Also known as the Moonlight night, this alter ego of Mamoru was created simply from his ever-lasting love for Usagi.  When Mamoru was captured by Queen Baryl and brainwashed to evil, a part of him still rememberd and cared for Usagi so deeply that his soul left him occasionally and became the Tsukikage no Knight.  The Tsukikage no Knight took Tuxedo Kamen's place and defended Sailor Moon when she needed encouragement.  Sailor Moon did not find out who theTsukikage no Knight was untill Alan and Ann were healed.

King Endymion: 

    in the future, the world will go through an ice age, only to be awoken by Princess Serenity, who will become Neo-Queen Serenity and rule Crystal Tokyo (Capitol of the World) with Endymion as King.  Serenity and Endymion will marry and have one child, Small Lady.  

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