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I Fell, I Failed

"Another night, another tear.
Another wish, another dream.
Another hope for the next day.

Tonight could have been the night I got my love back. Tonight I could have gotten my Darien. I was this close to curing him from the evil he was subdued to. This close to relieving him of the evil implanted in his mind. With the help of my team mates, my friends, I had cured him. He was back. But I was too weak to stand in the glory of the moment. I fell. And what seemed to be true, only lasted as long as a dream. He was taken from me, after all that hard work.
Luna says to not blame myself, and that I tried as hard as I could. She says that Queen Baryl
would have taken him back no madder what I did. But I disagree. If I had stood and went to his
side, I could have kept him from the evil that took him away. If only I had been stronger.
Another night, I cry into my pillow, calling out his name. Darien, I don't know where you are, but somewhere, someday, I will get you back. I will not let them take you any longer. You say you are the "Champion of the Negaverse" . . . but I know in your heart you are still good. They can brainwash your mind but not your heart. I know you are still mine, deep down.
I'll think of something. Next time, I will not fall. I will stay standing, and I will come to your side.
I have cried enough for tonight.. my eyes are so sore. With that thought, I fall asleep, only to
dream about you again."


 LoL, I drew that!  It looks SO much better on the paper... my scanner is going crazy and only scanning in 8 bit!  So I had to kind of re-do it on the computer wit Paint shop pro.  If someone very generous, who's scanner works, would scan this and some others for me, I'd be SO greatfull... I'll even give trading cards and sticker cards!

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