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Suprise ...Same Feelings

Mamoru sighed.
Yet another boring ball, with nothing to do, noone to dance with. Usagi was
thousands of miles away.. back home.. oh how he longed to be home to Japan... but for now,
it was The United States where he had to stay.

His college was celebrating the return of one of the more liked instructors. Many women eyed him, implying a dance, but he did nothing in reply. He sat, smiling and saying 'hi' to the people he knew. His English was good enough to live there on campus... the campus he had been on for three years now... without his old friends...

Mamoru wondered alot about the Senshi, and what it was like without him... what the enemies
were like.. if any.. Mamoru began to imagine Sailor Moon and her tight fitting costume... But he
snapped out of it, scolding himself for thinking of his young Usako like that.

But little did he know, that his 'Young Usako' wasn't quite young anymore. He missed her 18th
birthday... unfortunately knowing it and being un-able to fly home due to exams. She had
matured quite.. going through so many experiences before, during, and after Galaxia during
his absence. Usagi had passed a relationship with Seiya, staying true to what awaited her in
the future. She had graduated Highschool, finally, and made plans to come to the USA to
suprise her love.

Usagi had been suprised and happy when she found her cousin Shikono worked at the
College Mamoru attended. She had cooked up a plan to stay with Shikono and attend a
College event where Mamoru would be.

The Ball.. well, she guessed Mamoru would be there... but there was no guaruntee. He wasn't
at the library show.. he wasn't at the previous gathering... but she tried the ball anyway.

Dressed in a nice dress outfit, Usagi sat across the room hidden behind the dancing couples.
Usagi felt a little out of place, since she wasn't wearing a gown like many of the other american women were, but that wasn't the reason she was here.

When Usagi saw a lady pass her with a cup of punch in her hand, she grinned in joy, knowing
her new mission was to find the punch bowl. Food brought out the old Usagi.
Dodging couples and talking men and women, Usagi made it across the room to the food
table. Just her luck, Mamoru had stood up and left seconds before she reached the table.

Outside, Mamoru stood watching the snow fall softly to the ground. His lined coat would keep
him warm for a short while, but he did not intend on staying out for long. He thought about
Usagi, and home for a while.

Inside, Usagi got tired of looking for Mamoru, and gave up. She didn't know enough english to
ask for him, for she had barely passed Engish in Junior High. Usgai took her coat from her
chair and walked outsite, putting it on at the same time. Just then, she saw a familiar head of
deep black hair... familiar tall legs... could it be?

Usagi walked up behind the man and gathered her courage. Using very bad english, she
tapped his shoulder and asked, "I am look for of Mamoru Chiba."

Mamoru was scared stiff. It was Usagi voice...
He turned around to see the one thing that made his life complete.
"Us... Uss... Usako?" He studdred.
"MAMO-CHAN!" Usagi yelled, throwing herself into his embrace.

Without further hesitation, he wrapped his arms around his long-lost-love and kissed her so
passionately... like it was the end of the world..

Ignoring the passing people and the snowy and cold environment around them, they continued
the kiss in eachothers embrace, happy as they had ever been in so many years...


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