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Apology Accepted: A Simple Misunderstanding

Feeling a beam of light from a near window warm her skin, Usagi stood in front of Mamoru's apartment door. She had so much on her mind. "Should I go in?" Usagi thought to herself as she sighed. For the past three days, Mamoru hadn't returned her calls. He hadn't left his apartment, for all she knew. It hurt her to search through the memory of their fight, but it was necessary to find the cause of his silence. She had thought they made up instantly after the exchange of yells, but after this display of silence, she thought differently. But then, it hit her. Where had her mind been? When she yelled what was to be the final blow of the fight, she had apologized.. but now, she realized that Mamoru didn't really accept her apology... for the insult hurt too much. Now, Usagi was determined to go and straighten this out. With hope for the best, Usagi knocked three times on the door. Inside, Mamoru laid on the couch in his pajamas.. the ones Usagi had given him for his 23th birthday.. ignoring the raps at the door. The apartment was dark, for he had pulled down all the blinds and closed all the curtains. Light just reminded him of the love they had shared. Again, Usagi knocked. Again, Mamoru ignored. Usagi knew that he was there.. she could feel it. She sighed, and rested her back against the door. Reaching into her pocket, Usagi pulled out her keys. After carefully examining each one, she found the golden key she was looking for... the golden key Mamoru had given as part of a present on her 18th birthday.. the golden key to his apartment. Holding it in the light brought it's shine out beautifully. Usagi moved it's rounded edges over her skin gently, feeling chills run down her fingers from the cool metal. Then, she slowly brought it out from the light, and slipped it into his doorknob. It made a very distinctive sound that Mamoru could pick up instantly. He knew it was Usako. Not wanting to talk, he turned towards the back of the couch, and put a pillow over his face. Usagi slowly opened the door, and called out his name. There was no reaction, so she called even louder. The apartment was so dark... she couldn't see anything. So, she flicked the light switch that perched on the wall next to the doorway to the "On" position. When the lights came on, she immediately saw the un-moving mass laying on the couch. "Mamo-chan?" She whispered as she shut the door. He didn't answer. "Mamo-chan, oh, please talk to me." She said. Still, no answer. "Fine, I'll do the talking." She paused. "Mamo-chan, I want to tell you that I understand why you haven't returned my phone calls... why you haven't talked to me... why you are angry...." Mamoru cut her off, his voice muffled by the pillow, yet still, understandable. "I'm not angry." "Well I.." Usagi stopped. "Okay, I believe you." She paused. "But I want you to know that I understand what is ... bothering you." Mamoru didn't answer, but it was mutual knowledge that he was still listening. "When I yelled at you, saying 'I didn't love you anyway', I...." Usagi wanted the next words to be powerful enough for Mamoru to understand that she DIDN'T mean what she had said at all. "I DO Love you. I have always loved you, and I always will. Please, Please believe me when I say that it was the heat of the moment, and also the thought of you with another woman." The power of truth in her voice is what brought Mamoru to take the pillow from his face and turn over. "Usako, please, please believe me. I WAS NOT with Miyami. I had no Idea Miyami felt that way about me.. she kissed me.. I had no will in the situation..." "THEN.." Usagi said, cutting him off, "If I tell you that I believe you, will you believe me?" The sincere tone of voice she used left Mamoru no choice. He loved her so much, and the mis-understanding the situation with Miyami had been so difficult. He forgave her for the insult, understanding that in her place the same would have happened. But, instead of using words of forgiveness, Mamoru used his lips. Mamoru wrapped his long arms around Usagi's slender waist and kissed her so deeply.. both needed no exchange of words... for they were content with this. Mamoru couldn't stop. The need for her had grown so large in the three days without her, his strong will power couldn't stop his heart. Loosing their balance as they became even more involved in this kiss, they fell to the floor. Mamoru laughed joyfully, but the break didn't last long, for Usagi continued the kiss. Mamoru re-positioned himself over top of Usagi, unable to control his lust for his only love.


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