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The Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive Presents
Sailor Moon MIDI Files!
Every file over 60KB is zipped.
Files in italics are ones I recommend!
alanflute.mid Alan's (Sailor Moon R) Flute theme song (*so* beautiful in the anime!).
battle2.mid  The scouts go into battle!
negaverse.mid Beryl plots against the scouts in the Negaverse... (spooky music)
call-my-name.mid Raye's song partially sung at her concert, it was inturrupted by a youma or something.....
carry-on.mid Princess Serena battles against Queen Beryl (theme song).
chime.mid Serena and Darien's Locket Tune
everyday.mid The Serena-tripping-on-her-own-two-feet theme song.
moonrevenge.mid I think this is called "Moon Revenge"
fast-theme.mid The japanese Sailor Moon R Theme ... fast-paced!
kazemo.mid "The Wind, The Sky, Always" Sailorstars ending theme song! I have no idea when this song is used in Sailor Moon. ^_^ Cute...
justmylove.mid You are Just My Love! It's Usa and Mamo singing (In the MP2)!
luna.mid Luna's theme! ^_^
mol.mid "My Only Love" - DiC theme song.
mse.mid "Moon Scepter Elimination!" - Sailor Moon's Scepter Song!
moon-box.mid Quiet, beautiful Sailor Moon Theme.  Makes you want to cry! *_*
myonlylove.mid A more elegant version of "My Only Love"
in-the-begin.mid Remember the First DiC episode?  Here's the first theme song!
reenie2.mid Reenie's normal theme song.
serena.mid Familiar..I can't remember where it's from.  Sounds like a battle!
reenie1.mid Reenie's theme song ... with a snappy beat! Sailor Moon R movie climax theme music.
sad-chibi-usa.mid Chibi-Usa's sad theme!  Aww... makes you wanna cry...
sad-moments.mid Sad Sailor Moon Memories!  Andother tear jerker...
rdman.mid "Rainy Day Man," Lita's theme from the DiC version.
sailor-moon.mid Yet another version of "My Only Love."
sailor-m.mid Sailor Moon Says! *giggle*
melvin.mid Sailor Moon School / Melvin Theme!
scout-trans.mid Scout Transformation! (Chunkier version of battle2.mid)
victory.mid The Negaverse lost, Another Scout Victory!
setting-sun.mid I have NO idea when this theme occurs in Sailor Moon!  Nice, though!
show-tit.mid The theme that plays when the episode title appears in the DiC version!
sm-newda.mid "It's a New Day!" DiC Theme, the Scouts beat Beryl, it's back to normal!
sm_rdm.mid A more chunky version of "Rain Day Man" :P
smoon-th.mid A more chunky version of the Sailor Moon Theme.
smr.mid Another version of the SMR Movie climax theme, not as good.
sms4000.mid Sailor Moon S evil theme!
sms5000.mid I have NO idea when this song comes in...
smstarop.mid Sailor Moon Stars Opening.
starry-night.mid Raye's creation "Oh Starry Night" - beautiful! -
suspense.mid Evil lurks in the night air...
therain.mid Pretty!  But I don't know when this comes in.
tiara_ma.mid Sailor Moon Tiara Magic!
t_hands.mid "Touching Hands," Haruka and Michiru's Theme - beautiful! -
tran_sm.mid Sailor Moon's Transformation Theme
mirage1.mid Tuxedo Mirage
tuxedo-mask.mid Tuxedo Mask's Sad Theme music
mirage2.mid Tuxedo Mirage, better version.
tuxedo1.mid Tuxedo Mask comes to the rescue!
will-you-miss-me.mid Sailor Mercury, Moving on?  "Will You Miss Me?"
Request a MP2 or MP3 file!
If you need a MP2/MP3 Player, download this neat one here.
Request of 6/6/99 - "You Are Just My Love"
923KB! To Download, click here.
Request of 6/10/99 - "Moonlight Destiny" 
(Japanese Sailor Moon Theme)
627KB! To Download, click here.
Request of 6/12/99 - "La Soldier" 
(Sailor Moon R Climax) - Limited Time
A whoppin' 3,384KB (3.4 MB)! To Download, click here.
I've got a ton of MP2 files.  Here is a lit of all of them, if you would like to download one, please e-mail me with your request.  I will upload the file zipped so you can download it, but it may only be up for a limited time.  MP2 Files can be BIG, sometimes bigger than 1MB.  I'll specify the size of the ZIP file.
  • Fate
  • Tuxedo Mirage
  • Moon Revenge
  • Sailor Saturn's Theme
  • Otome No Policy (MP3)
  • La Soldier (MP3)
  • Poem Aya (one of my personal favs)
  • DiC and Japanese Sailor Moon Theme mixed
  • kntoftux.mp2 - I don't know the name, but it's beautiful! Spanish guitars, sounds like tuxedo mask.
  • One of the Star Light's songs...
  • Alan: "Pick a Cardian, any Cardian."
  • Chad: "Wooooaaaaaaahhhh!" 
  • Moonlight Knight: "Excellent work, Sailor Scouts!  But it looks like you might have some diapers to change.. *clears throat* I'll leave it to you..."

  • Sailor Moon: "Typical Guy!!"  
  • SEVERAL Other Moonlight Knight Clips
  • Cue music.... "Moon Sceptor Elimination!"
  • "Oh NOOO Whydidn'tsomebodywakemeup!??!..." Luna and Artemis discussing the scouts after they defeated queen beryl, with "It's A New Day" in the background. Cute!
  • CORNY Sailor Moon Doll Commercial!
  • Even more clips!
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