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Sailor Moon Swat! 
This zip file is a cool shoot-Queen Baryl Up-game where you have the moon sceptor and have to eliminate as many baryls as you can. 104 KB
Ty Drygon's Sailor Moon Arcade Game!  
Excellent freeware multi-player PC Sailor Moon game created by Tim Yep.
DOOM2 version 763k ZIP  
DOOM1 version 934k ZIP  
Ultimate DOOM version 769k ZIP  
See the SOS DOOM Site, or go to the SOS HomePage.
Sailor Moon R Game 1543 KB 
First, you need SNES9X to play this game. 352 KB 
Sailor Moon Romance is a Action/Fighting game that has one simple theme: walk around and KICK NEGAVERSE ASS! The strange part about this game is that it starts almost exactly when the DiC dub left off. 
(From the Crown Game Center.)
Sailor Moon Super Fighter 1836 KB 
First, you need SNES9X to play this game. 352 KB 
Sailors Sailors everywhere but who is the strongest of them all? Sailor Moon Super fighter takes place within the S season of Sailor Moon. On day after destroying yet another nasty monster the Innner and Outer Scouts deside to hold a contest to see who was the strongest Sailor of them all! You pick your favorite Sailor a fight your way to the top of the heap! 
(From the Crown Game Center.)
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